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This page will be going thru many major changes from now until march 21st.
Happy St. Patrick's Day
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"Merry Meet hope you enjoy my web world. My path in life is to find peace with all nature. Over the last 8 years I have been studying Wicca. I have been practicing since I was 16 (I am 25 now you do the math Only 7 years ago did I find out my true calling as a Eclectic Solitary Witch. I have chosen to take a mostly Norse/Celtic Wiccan path. May all enjoy your stay. And may the Gods & Goddesses bless you.

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Norse Myths
Norse Rede of Honor
Witch's Rune
Witch's Rede'
13 Goals of a Witch
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Pagan Links

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The home page of Silver Ravenwolf (my favorite author)

The Blessed Bee(Some very cool items can bee found here)

Web Pagan contacts


"The Current Moon Phase"

Just to let you know there is a lot cool links below. so don't miss them.

more links

art bell (check this out very cool)

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cats, cats and more cats


Thank You for Visiting My page, Merry Part & Have A Blessed Day HAIL ODIN!