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skittles! Skittles's World


Hi My Name is Skittles

Well this page is a Shrine to my GREATNESS. Well a little about me. hummmm. Lets see I like to lay around in any soft vacant chair or soft spot. Sit in the windows. Eat. Drive Izzy nuts. And ohh did I say "eat". Other hobbies include: Coughing up hair balls in the middle of the walk-way. Eating insects. Sratching up the furniture & carpet. Chewing on any loose cords. Some of my wishes are for; Instead of cat food I want fresh fish, liver and anything else that stinks. I want my owner(IZZY) to stop moving every six months, and most of all if Izzy wants another cat WAIT UNTIL IM GONE!!! I am tired of him getting new kittens who come around and nibble on my ears and wake me up from my sleep. As soon as i get to like them he gives them away. The things I love are Izzy and his Sweet Girlfriend(TIFFANY)!!!!!!!!!! Well untill I think up some thing more to say. Bye ............


Keep commin back to see more my cute face.

LOVE Skittles







This my current roommate (Fatboy)