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b a c k g r o u n d c o l o r

This is a poem that I thought was cool.
This is copyrighted so please do not use it without the permission of the author.

The Pagan National Anthem

Dancing in a circle
in a grove under the moon;
dancing, dancing deosil,
chanting an ancient rune;
we are the earth we dance upon,
the sky we dance below;
and King and Queen can switch their roles,
depending on the flow.

Water, Water, everywhere,
and Earth and Spirit, Fire and Air;
Water, Water, everywhere,
and we are on the brink.
The Planet Venus rules the scene --
a fair-haired Queen with eyes of green
who gives us medicine to drink,
and frees us from the things we think.

A cyclone of white light begins --
up from the ground between our shins --
to catch our wishes, whirl them 'round,
and grow in size and strength and sound;
and soon we all will turn it loose,
to make our Fates declare a truce,
and summon to us what we crave,
like all folks since folks lived in caves:

the sense of joy and health and wealth
you find when you have found yourself.

--Jack Veasey
Copyright 1996 by Jack Veasey

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